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Tunnels Spring

QuBA Mission | To cultivate a sustainable arts district that provides a cultural hub for arts education and outreach to the community through a variety of partnerships and programs.

QuBA Goals | To preserve and restore the Dick Brothers Brewery buildings and history, to create an arts & entertainment district, and to partner with organizations on community programs.

Museum Room

Explore the newly renovated space full of collections and memorabilia, as well as the history of the Dick Brothers Brewery.

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Group Tours By Appointment

Join us on a tour of the Dick Brothers Brewery and learn about history, architecture, and the tunnels and caverns that brought the Dick Brothers Brewery to life.

Private group tours can be customized and are currently $10 per person with a 10 person minimum. There is a $100 minimum charge for groups less than 10. Proceeds benefiting Quincy Brewery Arts (QuBA) to support the efforts of preserving the buildings and the history of the Dick Brothers Brewery Complex in Quincy, IL.

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